Spiritual Blessings in Christ

November 23, 2011

Consider our Spiritual Blessings in Christ.. Just from 1 corinthians 1/1-9 . You may be able to find more.
1. Great calling — in His will
2. Great commissioning to be co-workers and apostles of the clear gospel of His grace/ messengers.
3. Gospel message – clear – we are not at a loss to tell others ..
4. As gentiles through the Gospel message- our own eyes were opened Acts 26/15
5. Turned from darkness and satan to Light and God
6. Repentance and forgiveness
7. Inheritence among the saints
8. Calling to to be sanctified in Christ v2 and 3a
9. Considered saints in Christ
10. Corporate calling / church – called along with people everywhere , to be among the saints – once we were not in that company..
11. In Christ, Grace and peace
12. Calling into fellowship with God v.9
13. Enrichment in Christ v.6 – in everything you were enriched In all speech 2Cor 8/7
14. ,, ,, In all knowledge (of divine truth) Abounding in all these – bestowment of inestimable value 2 Cor 6/10 TREASURE
15. V 5. Testimony concerning Christ was confirmed in us
16. Not lacking in any gift v.7 what is necessary is given
17. Awaiting eagerly for the revelation of Jesus Christ
18. V.6-8 – Perfection. Complete in Him.
19. Our confidence in Christ – v.9 confirm to the end, blame less
20. God is faithful.. He who has called us…v.9