Spiritual Blessings in Christ

November 23, 2011
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Consider our Spiritual Blessings in Christ.. Just from 1 corinthians 1/1-9 . You may be able to find more.
1. Great calling — in His will
2. Great commissioning to be co-workers and apostles of the clear gospel of His grace/ messengers.
3. Gospel message – clear – we are not at a loss to tell others ..
4. As gentiles through the Gospel message- our own eyes were opened Acts 26/15
5. Turned from darkness and satan to Light and God
6. Repentance and forgiveness
7. Inheritence among the saints
8. Calling to to be sanctified in Christ v2 and 3a
9. Considered saints in Christ
10. Corporate calling / church – called along with people everywhere , to be among the saints – once we were not in that company..
11. In Christ, Grace and peace
12. Calling into fellowship with God v.9
13. Enrichment in Christ v.6 – in everything you were enriched In all speech 2Cor 8/7
14. ,, ,, In all knowledge (of divine truth) Abounding in all these – bestowment of inestimable value 2 Cor 6/10 TREASURE
15. V 5. Testimony concerning Christ was confirmed in us
16. Not lacking in any gift v.7 what is necessary is given
17. Awaiting eagerly for the revelation of Jesus Christ
18. V.6-8 – Perfection. Complete in Him.
19. Our confidence in Christ – v.9 confirm to the end, blame less
20. God is faithful.. He who has called us…v.9


November 23, 2011
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1 Cor. 3:16-17
Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? [17] If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.
The false teachers among the Corinthians were not only loose livers, but taught licentious doctrines, and what was particularly fitted to the taste of this lewd city, on the head of fornication. Such doctrine was not to be reckoned among hay and stubble, which would be consumed while the person who laid them on the foundation escaped the burning; for it tended to corrupt, to pollute, and destroy the church, which was a building erected for God, and consecrated to him, and therefore should be kept pure and holy. Those who spread principles of this sort would provoke God to destroy them. Those who spread loose principles, that have a direct tendency to pollute the church of God, and render it unholy and unclean, are likely to bring destruction on themselves.
It may be understood also as an argument against their discord and factious strifes, division being the way to destruction. It may be understood of the church of Corinth collectively, or of every single believer among them; the body of believers (churches) are temples of God. He dwells among them by his Holy Spirit. They are built together for a habitation of God through the Spirit, Eph 2:22. Every Christian is a living temple of the living God. God dwelt in the Jewish temple, took possession of it, and resided in it, by that glorious cloud- shekinah – that was the token of his presence with that people. So Christ by his Spirit dwells in all true believers. The temple was devoted and consecrated to God, and set apart from every common to a holy use, to the immediate service of God. So all Christians are separated from common uses, and set apart for God and his service. They are sacred to him–a very good argument this against all fleshly lusts, and all doctrines that give countenance to them.
If we are the temples of God, we must do nothing that shall alienate ourselves from him, or corrupt and pollute ourselves, and thereby unfit ourselves for his use; and we must hearken to no doctrine nor doctor that would seduce us to any such practices. Christians are holy by profession, and should be pure and clean both in heart and conversation. We should heartily abhor, and carefully avoid, what will defile God’s temple, and prostitute what ought to be sacred to him.


November 27, 2009
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We are often troubled by various kinds of trials. Each believer has his own load

of trials whether big or small. How  we respond to these trials is very inportant.

That will decide the outcome of the appointment !! Turn with me to James 1/2-4

1. We are exhorted to respond with joy. Not simple joy but pure joy. No ray of doubt.

Trials are part of the package of salvation. It is a tool in the hands of God to mould us

and make us what we are to be. No doubt it is a painful process. But we can be joyful because

it means God is at work in our lives. He will turn it for our good. And He will not allow more

than what is possible for us to bear.

2. Trials are tests. Right response is very much essential to pass the test.

A good opportunity to evaluate the genuinenes of our faith.

It will bring out and show us our true nature. People around us also can see clearly the

geuinness of what we profess.

3. Develops perseverence. Perseverence in the midst of trials is a virtue to be learnt through

sufferings and trials. There is no other way to learn perseverence. It is a character of our Lord.

We may be tempted to forgo faith or question the Lord. But knowing that trials are God’s tools to

help us to grow in virtues will help us to respond positively to trials and sufferings. Perseverence is

very much needed in a believer’s life. It is needed to come out victoriously through trials and the same

process will increase perseverance in our Life too.